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18.Apr.14 3 hours ago
Who's bae tho?

Oh you aint know?


18.Apr.14 3 hours ago
18.Apr.14 3 hours ago
18.Apr.14 4 hours ago
18.Apr.14 4 hours ago

I went to that Tinychat…


And I, you know.. just.. paid my respects to errbody in there and I said.. you know, the minute I stepped in the door, there was no aura.

I was like "Okay well, Random, these girls.. they ain’t got an aura." How u not have a aura?? Whether its good, whether its bad, people got…. they got an aura, except for these muthafuckas.

It was evil, I knew it. I knew this from the jump. I was in there for a good second……. but then I said "Fuck this, these bitches ain’t bout to sacrifice me."

I remember this.. lol about wusreallygoodie's tinychats.
18.Apr.14 12 hours ago

Learn about me…

When I WANT to turn someone off to me intentionally (let’s say they wanna date me and I say no but they keep trying to approach me), I tend to speak ridiculous shit… like an open slutbag with no respect for people.

Them: “any plans this weekend sexy?”
Me: “meh… Idk. Maybe a random threesome. Find a few holes/throats to abuse and then never call them back.”

18.Apr.14 16 hours ago